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Why restaurants choose
Koomi POS

Koomi is the easiest POS System for restaurants

We make it easy to use—it’s that simple. Our intuitive interface allows any staff member to easily navigate through the menu and get your customer’s order right the first time.

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No bells & whistles—only the features you need

When assessing a POS, you need to find one that makes sense for your restaurant’s needs and workflow. Here, you get to choose the features you need and remove the ones you don’t.

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Master your rush and process more orders

In a competitive industry like the quick-service industry, the reliability and speed of your software is essential in order to react to the change in consumer behavior.

At Koomi, we are constantly contributing to the development of new technologies and take into account the expectations of our customers.

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Get the help you need, whenever you need it

Nothing is scarier than going through a business failure that causes you to lose your customers. For that reason, we constantly test our software to resolve any bugs you may experience.

Read what our customers say about us.

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“We save money, we serve more customers and there’s no downtime. The customer service is INCREDIBLE. I don’t usually make reviews but Koomi’s team is so good that I had to. They are very close to their clientele so I feel safe. Accepting payments is one our core operations and we need perfect execution.”

Jeremy L.Owner, Leaves House Cafe

“Before Koomi we did not have any POS system in place. We looked at every available system and Koomi is by far the best in the market. The platform is super easy to use. Staff need very little training to use this POS. Recently we started using Koomi in conjunction with Clover and the experience has been fantastic.”

Andi L.GM, Sam James Coffee Bar

“Working with Koomi was one of the most important decisions we could have ever made for our cafe. Their software is so easy to use and it is so customizable. Their support team is the best I’ve ever seen and highly recommend them.”

Darren J.Owner, Cafe DAX

“Koomi app is one of our key partners! Koomi’s team is right over the phone with me as soon as I need it. We are always welcome to share ideas, to report observation on little details to push further (development) and even to ask for features to come! It just make my business management such easy and fun, day-after-day!”

Martin R.Co-owner, N Latte

“We’ve been using Koomi POS for the past 9 months at Old Road BBQ and have nothing but good things to say! The app itself has solid ux and is easy to use — and the customer service has always been fantastic. In an industry where so many suppliers just cut & run… these guys are partners in our success.”

Aaron EmeryOwner, Old Road BBQ

“Easy-to-use, especially in the restaurant industry where the employee turnover, is high, the system needs to be simple to use and this is what Koomi offers. Plus the opportunity to have a dedicated mobile app for my coffee shop is a huge must.”

Mathieu B.Onwer, Spill The Beans Cafe

No surprises, no hidden fees

With Koomi, you get to choose your plan based on the type of business you manage. Are you a seasonal food truck that runs its business only a few months a year? No problem, you can pause your subscription at any time.

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