Tunnel Espresso Bar

Their story

Within the famous underground Montreal, at McGill or Peel, follow the sweet and delicious aromas of Tunnel Espresso Bar. Despite its small and cute size, the place combines a friendly atmosphere and a coffee selection that is always exceptional. Witness the baristas incredible skills while enjoying your cappuccino. If you’re in a hurry, order and pay in advance with the Tunnel Espresso app developed by Koomi.


A peace of mind with Koomi

I have Koomi since I opened. I was looking around a lot of POS systems and I played with them, but I find they weren’t really matching with our business. Café falls between retail and restaurant. It’s not exactly a clothing store, not really a restaurant. We needed an in-between thing. Koomi is the easiest POS to use, it just fits our needs perfectly.

“It’s been great. Never had any problem at all with the mobile ordering app. I expected to have some, but I didn’t. People who buy coffee are very traditional with the way they order coffee. It’s gonna be a slow change, but I can tell that people who use it are very excited. Breaking habits on how you buy coffee is slow: we’re gonna help people to integrate it on their rituals. I’ve been pretty happy with it. ”

Andrew,Owner of Tunnel Espresso Bar

Koomi+ online ordering app

Having made the jump for an online ordering app was a really good decision. Customers can order and pay in advance thanks to their smartphones. The best part? They no longer have to wait in line, the application shows the preparation time so all that’s left to do is for the customer to pick up the order.

Tunnel Espresso Bar uses Koomi to process more coffees

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