Send Uber Eats orders directly into your Koomi POS system.

Uber Eats makes a big impact on your business and helps you stay closer to your customers. With the integration, all Uber Eats orders are sent directly into your POS system and your kitchen.  

Easily manage your online menu and gain access to important data from Koomi dashboard.

Customers that love us.

The POS features you need for your quick-service restaurant.

Quick-Service Focus

All our modules are made specifically for QSR

Reporting and Analytics

Easily track performance across multiple locations in real-time

In-house Support

Friendly and knowledgeable, we will help you when you need it

Truly Cloud-Based

Manage your business from anywhere, no server needed

Integrated payments

Integrates seamlessly with Square and First Data

Automatic updates

Get the latest updates directly from the App Store