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Phone Ordering System

Let your customers place orders by phone.

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Efficiently manage phone orders with your own customer profiles

Get rid of your notebook and speed up the amount of phone orders you can handle.

Create your own customer database

  • Create customer profile and search by phone number or name.
  • Look at the customer’s previous and favorite orders for a faster and more accurate order processing.
  • Add multiple addresses to a customer’s profile.
  • Save time when filling out an address with the Google maps autocomplete.
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Send phone orders to the kitchen

  • Automatically send orders to the kitchen while on the phone with a customer.
  • Swipe left when the order is completed.
  • Receive orders from your website and food delivery platforms right into your kitchen*.
Learn more *Uber Eats and online ordering app integration available.

Customize it the way you want

Choose from a wide range of order types to help you manage your orders.

  • Pickup: Choose in-store or curbside pickup.
  • Delivery: Choose hand delivery or leave at the door.
  • Dine-in option: Provide a great dine-in experience.
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Discover the #1 POS for QSRs

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