What is Koomi Kitchen?

Koomi Kitchen is the iPad display app that optimizes your productivity in the kitchen. Select your items on Koomi Master or Koomi Rover, then orders will be directly relayed to Koomi Kitchen.

  • Make sure your Kitchen iPad is connected to the same WiFi network than Koomi Master’s “KoomiMyRestaurant”
  • Download Koomi Kitchen on the App Store here. You will need your apple ID, if you don’t have any, read here to create one.
  • To open the app, enter your login (email) and your APP password.

How to connect a kitchen printer

Read Connect your printer.



Tickets that are relayed from the Koomi Master or Koomi Rover will appear in descending order in the TO PROCESS tab.

  • Scroll up and down if you have more tickets than the allocated space.
  • If you would like to enable extra features of a ticket, simply tap on the ticket number. Tap it again to remove these functions.
  • You can tap an item within a ticket to highlight it in Green. Tap it again to remove the highlight.
  • You can enter up to 3 strikes per item if you made a mistake and want to track performance.
  • If an entire ticket is to go, the to go icon will be next to the ticket number and every item.
  • If a ticket is assigned to a table, the table number will appear in the top right of the ticket.
  • General notes for the kitchen appear at the top of the ticket.
  • If a ticket was created by the Koomi Rover app, the ticket number will be identified by the letter ‘R’.
  • The time the ticket was sent from the Koomi Master or Koomi Rover app will be displayed below the ticket number.
  • To delete a ticket, tap the Delete button.

By default there is a chime that rings every time a new ticket is received by the Koomi Kitchen app. If you want to turn this sound off:

1. From your iPad’s home screen, launch the Settings app.
2. Tap Koomi Kitchen.
3. Disable Sound.


Completing tickets

To flag a ticket as completed, swipe the ticket from right to left.


Ranking tickets

You can change the rank of tickets by selecting the 3 lines icon to the right of a ticket and moving it above or below any other tickets.


Completed tickets

Completed tickets will appear in ascending order in the COMPLETED tab.

1. Scroll up and down if you have more tickets than the allocated space.
2. If you would like to re-process a ticket, simply tap on the ticket number. Then tap on the Re-Process button and the ticket will go back to the TO PROCESS tab.
3. All completed tickets are automatically cleared every 60 minutes.


Deleting completed tickets

To delete a completed ticket, swipe the ticket from right to left.


Dashboard (Pro, Pro Plus and Multi subscriptions only)


To access the dashboard on the Koomi Kitchen app:

1. Launch the Koomi Kitchen app.
2. Tap the COMPLETED tab.
3. Tap the gear icon.
4. Enter your PIN.


Dashboard overview

If you have connected the Koomi Kitchen app to a receipt printer, you can print tickets.

You can select to print items within a ticket individually.
You can select to print items with their options and notes.
You can select to print tickets automatically or to swipe a ticket to then print the kitchen chit (This is particularly useful if you have a dispatcher that controls the kitchen).
You can select to automatically swipe tickets as completed after the kitchen chit is printed.

If an order is cancelled and the Koomi Kitchen app is connected to a receipt printer, it will automatically print a cancellation ticket.
If you have a receipt printer connected to the same network as the iPad, it will appear below the dashboard panel. For more details about printing read here.
If you have a Pro Plus or Multi subscription and have more than 1 kitchen, you must assign each of the Koomi Kitchen apps to one of the kitchens.

Note: Do not set Koomi Kitchen apps to the same kitchen.