If you want your franchise to be successful and continue to grow, it is almost necessary to have a point-of- sale system installed. A POS system drastically improves the efficiency of your operation by managing data, and decreasing human error. While any POS system could improve your efficiency, each one offers different features and functions. In order to get the most out of your POS system, it will need to do the following five things:

Be Customizable

Imagine buying a POS system only to find out that the interface is complicated and inflexible. With a customizable POS system, this isn’t a concern. Customizable POS systems also have the added benefit of being moldable to your managing needs, which is something that a basic, fresh-out- of-the- factory version may not be able to guarantee. As a busy owner or manager, you need to be able to retrieve information as quickly as possible and a basic, non-customizable POS system may hinder that process.

Ease of Use

If the whole purpose of buying a POS system is to increase how efficiency you run your restaurant, wouldn’t it make sense to purchase a super intuitive system?The problem with some POS systems is that they try to display too many menus and too much information, which ends up adding extra steps and makes the system confusing. Before buying a POS system, it would be smart to make sure that it is simple enough for both you and your staff to use

Accurate and Easy Reporting

The value of the information that a POS system provides cannot be overstated. Information is required before making important business decisions and the reporting of this information is often one of the key selling points of a POS system. All POS systems need to be able to provide enough information so that you don’t find yourself making risky decisions without the necessary information.

The Master View

Information needs to be easily accessible and easy to cull through. An effective manager needs to be able to quickly pull a sales report of all locations using POS systems in order to see the most effective areas, switch menus easily from platform to platform, and manage who is authorized to access the information available. The master view, is something that many POS systems lack or have poorly implemented. Before purchasing a POS system, check to make sure that the master view is easy to use and operationally efficient.


Online Ordering For Takeout Or Delivery

Gone are the days when every restaurant dining experience required sitting down and eating inside of the restaurant. With the ever-increasing popularity of apps such as Koomi+ and Uber Eats, customers are now seeking the ability to enjoy your restaurant’s food from the comfort of their own home. If your POS system does not allow for online ordering or delivery, you are losing out on potential customers.


Don’t forget that your POS brings more than just efficiency and automation. It can also help you expand your customer base and help you operate your ever-growing chain or franchise.