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The ultimate line-busting and kitchen management tools

Improve your restaurant’s operations by automatically sending orders from the waiting line to the kitchen.

Speed up order taking with the line-busting app

The Koomi Rover is the mobile app that lets you meet your customers while they’re waiting in line. It allows you to cut the long wait times by onboarding customers quickly in the order process cycle, and to alleviate their frustration by serving them quickly.

Reduce your customers’ wait time and help them get their orders faster.

  • Take orders right in the queue with your handheld device.
  • Enter orders and send them to the kitchen with ease and flexibility.
  • Save time for both your restaurant and customers.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and enhance their experience.
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A digital kitchen system to track your customers’ orders

The Kitchen Display System module allows you to automatically display and manage orders processing. You can control your kitchen workflow and organize it with precision. With better time and resources management, you’re able to easily keep up with incoming orders and increase your fulfilling capacity.

  • Send orders to the right prep station.
  • Control your kitchen’s workflow with precision.
  • Increase processing speed and efficiency.
  • Keep your customers happy.
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The POS features you need for your quick-service restaurant

Fast Checkout Speed

Process an order in 15 seconds and serve your customers faster

Online Ordering

Brand your own app and boost your revenue during slow periods


Easy to use and setup so you can start taking orders in less than an hour


Seamlessly connect your POS with third-party software for automation and accuracy

QSR Focus

Packed with features to help you reduce your line-ups and increase your profits


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