La Meunerie Urbaine

Their story

La Meunerie Urbaine is a family-run business headed by Martin Falardeau and his wife Dina Dager. The bakery uses high-quality organic flours exclusively, and is also popular for their pastries, croissants and coffee.


Quick recap

Making the switch to the right POS

While Dina and her family might know how to run a bakery and provide great customer service, they chose different software this time around. Before opening La Meunerie Urbaine, Dina and Martin asked several friends in the cafe and restaurant industry what they used for a point of sale. She kept hearing the same recommendation over and over: Try checking out Koomi.

“We haven’t had any major problems with Koomi, but when a couple of small issues arose when it was first installed, the Koomi people were amazing to work with. They simply solved the problem without blaming us. It’s nice to work with a company that cares.”

Dina Dager,Owner at La Meunerie Urbaine

Handling the rush

Saturdays are La Meunerie Urbaine’s busiest day, and they often need up to 7 people behind the counter to manage the rush. In fact, a second Koomi POS was needed to handle the insatiable demand for fresh bread. “We love that we can move the Koomi iPads around because it can get hectic during rushes. Now, with two stations, we can serve crowds quickly.

Saving time is obviously super important because we want our customers to have a good experience. Since we don’t have to worry about having problems with our POS, we can really focus on serving customers quickly and efficiently.”

La Meunerie Urbaine handles high traffic with Koomi

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