How to save time (and money) in the food truck business

It’s a cliche, but “time is money” continues to hold true in almost every business, especially for quick-serve eateries. How efficiently you use your time directly correlates with how much money you will make, and the food truck business is no exception. Learn how to satisfy more hungry snack lovers while boosting profits with these tips:

Take Advantage of Mobile Ordering

In 2018, when apps seem to be the answer for everything, food trucks can benefit greatly by utilizing apps such as Koomi+. Koomi POS enables integrated mobile ordering with Koomi+, which helps you serve your customers at quicker speeds than before.

These apps particularly come in handy during the peak hours of your service. By enabling your customers to order through their cell phone before they arrive at your food truck, you are not only decreasing the lengths of your ordering lines but also increase the speed at which your customers receive their order. This prevents customers from walking away as soon as they see lines forming.

Use A POS App To Increase Efficiency

Point-of-sale apps have the sole purpose of making your business more efficient. These systems work by seamlessly connecting the different sections of your business together into one easy-to-use application. For example, any order that you take will immediately be sent to the kitchen so that your chefs can begin preparing the food, while your registers can simultaneously serve the next customer. Whether you need to improve your order taking speed, how you track orders, or simply improve the accuracy of your reporting, a POS app can be the key.

Have Your Customers Do Your Marketing For You

Traditional marketing is both expensive and time-consuming. Thankfully, there are ways to spread the word without spending a dime.

Word of mouth marketing is the most effective way to advertise your business and only requires you to do one thing: satisfy your customers. A happy customer will gladly tell anyone who will listen about how awesome your food truck is.

To increase word of mouth, it’s important to under-promise and over-deliver. It’s possible to achieve this by providing a superior product (think ripe seasonal ingredients and unexpected flavors), as well as super-efficient service (see point #1). Another way to ensure word-of-mouth is by making it easy for customers to spread the good word over social media. Make sure your social media handles are visible on the truck and/or on the packaging, and keep your platforms active with interesting and fun content.

Be Innovative

While easier said than done, innovation drives growth. The reason this common saying is true is because innovation acts as a marketing tool while it is improving your business. With very little effort, you can have droves of customers lining up at your food truck hoping to try your new specialty meal.

Keep in mind that innovation isn’t just limited to adding more options to your menu. Anything that can increase the satisfaction of your customers is considered innovative. With the correct combination of creativity and originality, you can expand your customer base without spending a dime extra on your marketing budget.

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