Food truck trends in 2018

Having grown significantly over the past few years, the food truck industry is set to flourish in 2018. To attract new customers, food trucks are adapting and changing food preferences by moving toward healthier and more artisanal cuisine. With a focus on locally-sourced ingredients, quick service and creativity, the food truck industry will continue to expand.

Instagrammable eats

Social media is a great way to showcase cuisine crafted by a food truck. Social media posts featuring brightly colored and beautifully compiled dishes attract new audiences. Wielding the power of the internet, and enticing photo of a dish has the power to encourage thousands of people to seek out the food truck that made it.

Faux meats

Innovative faux meats are just hitting the market and are heavily in-demand. One of the most highly-anticipated culinary advancements, plant-based protein alternatives take many forms and are quickly improving in quality and versatility. With lower calories, health-conscious and vegan consumers are hungry for cuisines that incorporate faux meats.

Full-fat foods

Butter has regained its popularity and is now being regularly featured in menus. Furthering the trend toward artisanal dishes, flavored and craft butters are gaining momentum. Beyond butter’s re-emergence, full-fat foods, such as yogurt, cheese, and avocados, are now favored for their nutrient profiles and ability to provide satiety.

Local ingredients

A growing trend, dishes created with locally-sourced ingredients are popular for several reasons. Helping the local economy, making connections with local farmers and providing environmentally-friendly dishes without preservatives or travel requirements are just a few benefits provided by locally-sourced ingredients. Often providing inspiration for seasonal dishes, locally-sourced ingredients add interest and excitement to a food truck’s menu.


Working to reduce food waste, root-to-stem cooking is about finding unique ways to use every part of a fruit or vegetable. With a growing awareness of the environment, sustainability practices are gaining traction, including within the restaurant industry. Focusing on using all edible parts of food, food trucks are set to continue crafting more environmentally-friendly dishes.

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