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Koomi POS Features

Manage your restaurant with the #1 POS system for quick-service and take-away restaurants.

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Designed for quick-service and fast-casual restaurants

The only system designed specifically to move a line-up faster and reduce order times by up to 30%.

Features that make it easy to manage and control your restaurant

Manage your business directly from your tablet, smartphone, or computer, and optimize your restaurant, even on the go. Quickly enter new products and control all important aspects of your business from one place.




Ordering process made easy

  • Take orders at the counter, in the line, or at the table.
  • Keep sales going in offline mode during network cuts.
  • Relay orders to the kitchen with a ticketless system.
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Make smarter decisions with real-time data

  • See what your top-performing items are.
  • Analyze and compare the performance of all your locations in one place.
  • Use a variety of filters to get deeper insights into your restaurant.
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”Our employees understand how to use Koomi very easily, and it greatly reduced the line-up time we had with our previous system.”

Maori,The Green Panther

Fully integrated payment solutions for a seamless experience

Process your payments faster and reduce errors with a POS integrated solution. With one single point of contact for your payment solution, you can focus on your business and we will do the rest.

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Integrate with the tools you love

Integrate seamlessly with a range of tools so you can provide the best customer experience possible.

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With a fully integrated system, your online orders are directly pushed into your POS and kitchen—saving you time, reducing manual errors, and keeping all transactions in one place.

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No server needed. Your business, on the cloud.

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