The best way to streamline
your restaurant.

Koomi is optimized to accept all card-types and mobile orders
to get your line-ups moving faster.

In the front.

Increase your takeaway revenue and complete orders FAST with the Koomi+ mobile app, Koomi Master cash and Koomi Rover for line-ups.

  •  Brand your own mobile app for prepaid takeaway orders.
  •  Use up to 3 counter registers, send orders to up to 3 kitchen apps.
  •  Use up to 3 Rover apps to take orders in long lineups or table-side.
  •  Modify orders with ease.
  •  Print or email receipts.
  •  Keep tickets open for checkout at a later time.
  •  Apply discounts.
  •  Print X and Y sales reports.

In the kitchen.

Manage and organize orders with the Koomi Kitchen, a fool-proof ticketless system.

  •  Close tickets by swiping them off the screen
  •  Re-open completed tickets
  •  Easily track completed items
  •  Rearrange tickets quickly by dragging
  •  Audible alert when new tickets appear
  •  Customize how your tickets are printed

In the office.

Manage in real-time online via our admin panel

  •  View sales and metrics as they’re happening
  •  Manage and edit menu, items and discounts online
  •  Control what menu items are relayed to the kitchen
  •  Set tax rates and exceptions with ease
  •  View and export sales and volume reports
  •  Compare sales and top-sellers by day, week and month