Frequently asked questions

What hardware is required to use Koomi?

Basic Plan
• 1 iPad
• 1 receipt printer
• 1 cash drawer
• AirPort router

Pro Plan
• 1 iPad (Koomi Master)
• 1 iPad (Koomi Kitchen, optional)
• 1 iPad (Koomi Rover, optional)
• 1 receipt printer
• 1 cash drawer
• 1 kitchen printer (optional)
• AirPort router

Multi Plan
• Up to 3 iPads (Koomi Master)
• Up to 3 iPads (Koomi Kitchen, optional)
• Up to 3 iPads (Koomi Rover, optional)
• Up to 3 receipt printers
• Up to 3 cash drawers
• Up to 3 kitchen printers (optional)
• AirPort router



Does Koomi provide the iPad?

No. However if you require any other hardware, the Koomi Box has it.



Which type of iPad should I use?

You can use any generation iPad as of the iPad 2. We highly recommend to use the most recent regular sized iPad available.



What is the AirPort?

The AirPort is the Wi-Fi router that creates the network that Koomi will run on.



What happens if my internet connection stops working?

Koomi can still run in offline mode. All of your sales are saved locally until the internet connection is reestablished.
An Internet connection is required to initially download the menu and other settings from the admin panel.



I am a seasonal business, can I use Koomi only when I am open?

Yes, you can pause and restart you subscription any time.



Can I use Koomi with another tablet other than an iPad?

No. Koomi is only available on Apple’s App Store and is compatible with the iPad.



How do I install my Koomi Box?

To install you Koomi Box please view the tutorial here.