How to expand your restaurant’s reach

If you aren’t using tech to expand your restaurant’s customer base, or if your restaurant’s tech is a single page on a outdated website, you’re missing an important revenue stream. Increasing the use of mobile technology to bring food to the table has changed the landscape of dining. From food blogs to “what I’m eating” Instagram posts and real-time review sites like Yelp, meals and mobile media are often consumed together. If you want to get in on the action and boost your customer base while raising your sales per hour, there’s an app for that.

Revisit your delivery strategy by partnering with online delivery apps such as Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes. People are busy, and the traditional meal periods have slowly shifted to a “whenever I have time to eat” mealtime. Developing a special selection of “to-go” entrees that preserve your food quality, and featuring them on popular delivery apps exposes you to customers who may not have tried your restaurant otherwise.

Employ interactive technology tableside with small kiosks that work in tandem with your existing waitstaff. These small touchscreen stations afford your customers the opportunity to order remotely, without waiting for a server and allow them to page their server when needed. With crisp, bright visual graphics and interactive capabilities, programmable tabletop POS devices highlight daily specials, feature new menu items, and allow your customers to order and pay online, whenever they’re ready.

Create your own app integrated with your restaurant’s point of sale software. A strong web presence and a user-friendly app with interactive, customizable ordering menus are one of the best investments a fast-casual restaurant can make. As your customers wait in line, they can browse specials, place their orders, and even earn loyalty points. Takeaway orders are easier with an app that loads them directly into your business’ POS system, and your customers can easily order and pay on the go.

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