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Connecting the physical and digital customer experiences with Helios and Koomi

At Koomi, we’re committed to providing quick-service restaurants with a unique customer experience. And as 2020 revs up, business owners are faced with elevated customer expectations and opportunities to increase growth through digital experience. So being able to offer a seamless personalized experience is now one of the keys to success.

For this reason, we have partnered with Helios Retail Consulting Ltd., a leading provider in technology strategy and system implementation for the hospitality and retail industry.

This new partnership offers restaurant owners with a seamless experience from onboarding through customer support.

Helios Retail Consulting Ltd. explains it further: “Our shared values and priority around customer service and experience highlight the strong foundation both companies are built upon. Having Koomi as a partner only adds to an ever-growing list of high-value, innovative, and high-growth platforms that we are closely aligned with and continue to bolster our technical service business around” Nith Nadarajah, CEO, Helios Retail Consulting Ltd.

For more information on Helios and Koomi partnership, visit POSUSA website.

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