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The cash register for
quick-service restaurants

Manage and control your entire business from one platform with Koomi’s cash register.

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Sell more in less time with an iPad cash register

Koomi’s cash register makes it easy to sell your products, whether you have a coffee shop or a quick-service restaurant. With a simple interface, you can take orders faster and reduce your line-ups during rush hours.

  • With a platform on the cloud, you can easily access all your locations from one dashboard and simplify your day-to-day operations.
  • Online and mobile ordering with Koomi+. We have built a mobile ordering app with your customers in mind. It has never been easier to build and customize a mobile ordering app. With Koomi+, you can increase your profits, engage with your customers and reduce your staff workload. The mobile ordering app connects with the cash register and sends orders directly to the kitchen, saving you time and money in the long run.
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Capture more sales with integrated payment solutions

Explore our line of payment processing solutions that help you accept credit and debit cards easily.

  • Accept payment from anywhere: Whether you are a food truck, cafe or pizzeria, Koomi’s cash register brings you the best payment solution so you can accept all forms of payments.
  • Get deposits faster: Start maximizing your business growth with our multiple payment solutions and receive funds in the next business day.
  • An easier way for your customer to pay: We make it easy for you and your customers. Choose the credit and debit card machine that fits with your business so you can easily process payments even during the busiest checkouts.
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The cash register for franchises and multi-location restaurants

Have all the tools you need to manage and grow your business in one place.

  • Check all aspects of your locations on one screen and compare them to one-another.
  • Set up a new restaurant location, add users and cash registers in just one click.
  • Keep control of critical business data while respecting the individual needs of your franchisees.
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Point-of-sale hardware for your restaurant

Build the perfect experience for your staff and customers with a simple setup. With no server required, your restaurant cash register is entirely on the cloud.

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More digital tools for your restaurant cash register

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