Sam James coffee bar

The Quintessential Coffee Bars of Sam James.

The fourth Sam James Coffee Bar took root at 15 Toronto street and is the culmination of Sam James’ vision. The cozy location for his latest coffee shop is a financial district favorite. Visitors are greeted with a clean, modern exterior of brushed nickel. Inside, designer Jeremy Jansen created an oasis in white with a wheat-paste ceiling that adds texture and contrast to the clean look of white painted steel counters and walls.

This coffee shop presents an innovative and inviting interior with a minimalist appearance. As with all Sam James Coffee Bars, patrons are treated to his masterfully blended and brewed artisanal coffee and a gourmet selection of baked goods.

Sam James’ flagship coffee bar on Harbord is going on its eighth year and still attracting coffee drinkers as if it were newly opened. The artistry is monochromatic which provides a dramatic feel to the small space. The subway tile compliments the natural wood seating and counters. Baristas serve exquisite siphon brewed coffee, which removes the bitterness and aftertaste, allowing drinkers to savor the delicate aroma and clarified flavor.

Sam James on Park combines the same white painted steel mesh that is used in 15 Toronto and compliments it with a blond wood for seating and standing at the bar. The minimalist modern interior enjoys lush park views. Along with Sam James signature blends, patrons can enjoy delicious bakery goods from LindseyBakes.

Sam James Path is located underground along the pathway at the St. Andrew TTC that connects the financial district’s towers. Again Jansen creates an inviting interior with a monochromatic theme that keeps coffee the center of attention and creates an illusion of depth. Each Sam James location serves the same spectacular signature coffees that clients have come to expect.