Palm Lane

A casual, salad-focused restaurant from Chase Hospitality Group.

An exercise in collaboration

What does it take to operate a conglomerate of reputable eateries in one of the fastest-growing cities in North America? Among many variables, it requires great management, a staff that understands the service industry, and the right tech tools. It’s why Kyle Sloopka, Director of Operations of the Chase Hospitality Group in Toronto, chose Koomi as the point of sale for one of their newest restaurants, Palm Lane.

Made-to-order healthy meals for a discerning crowd

Palm Lane opened in October of 2017, and is a fast-casual restaurant that’s known for its innovative gourmet salads and grain bowls. Customers can order takeout, or pay for their meal up front and have a server bring the food to their table within a few minutes. While Palm Lane falls into the “fast-casual” restaurant category, the menu is far from traditional “fast food”.

“Our menus are conceptualized by our Director of Culinary, Tyler Shedden. Palm Lane uses over 80 ingredients and creates complex dishes that can be very healthy, and served quickly,” Kyle explains.

In a society where people don’t have hours to consume a leisurely lunch, and where people value health and well-being, it’s no surprise that healthy and gourmet fast food with gluten and dairy free options is a growing trend.

A game-changing app

Kyle and his team understand that most restaurants, like retailers, need a solid online presence to remain competitive. “Consumers need a positive experience both online and in the physical space,” explains Kyle.

Knowing the importance of the omnichannel experience is why the managers behind Palm Lane opted for Koomi+ – the private label ordering app – instead of signing up for a commonly used online ordering platform.

Like in other major cities, the use of ordering/delivery apps in Toronto is widespread. Koomi+ has been helping to boost sales without losing money to another company.

“We wanted our own branded Palm Lane app, and to avoid having to rely too heavily on third party applications,” Kyle maintains. “We wanted to avoid some of the heafty commisions all of the third party applications charge for presence on their platforms. This way, we have complete control over our Palm Lane app and the guest experience, setting the stage for a better overall consumer perception.”

Koomi+ enables Palm Lane to customize the app with their own branding – creating a more seamless and brand-consistent experience. It allows them to view real-time sales reports, classified between online and on-site orders. It also syncs with their Koomi point of sale – another key component for managing their busy lunch rushes.

Streamlined operations

Because Palm Lane offers customers rapid service, it’s essential that their POS work efficiently. “From a guest experience, Koomi has been great because it’s so simple to use. Since it doesn’t give us any problems or delays, we can spend more time engaging with customers,” says Kyle.

Palm Lane is the Chase Group’s seventh restaurant in four years. They always used another system for their full-service establishments, but finding the right fit for a this fast-casual model was super important from an operations standpoint.

“Less is more sometimes. We didn’t need such a robust solution like the other one we were using for our fine dining restaurants. We found that Koomi was a streamlined system that would let us easily change menu items on the fly. It’s also great that management can log in from anywhere to see sales – it really allows us to easily keep our fingers on the pulse.”

According to Kyle, setting up the system was quite easy and didn’t require much tech support. In fact, they set it up themselves.

“Setting up wasn’t too challenging, even for someone without a strong I.T background. Koomi is an intuitive and ultimately low-cost option,” says Kyle.