Ono Pokii

With Koomi Rover, Ono Pokii can serve both seated and standing customers.

Ono Pokii made its debut on Westmount’s upscale food scene in the summer of 2018. The affluent neighborhood in Montreal is home to discerning palates, and Ono Pokii offers customizable poké bowls with healthy ingredients; think coconut rice, zucchini noodles, and Bluefin tuna belly.

Unlike some restaurateurs who decided to jump onto the newest food trend purely to capitalize on the hype, owner and operator John Weimers actually knows a thing or two about how a good Poké bowl should taste.

“My wife is from California, and we’ve spent lots of time there and in Hawaii. We always loved these healthy bowls made with the highest quality of fish and other ingredients, so when the trend hit Canada in a big way, we knew that we could deliver a product that we’re passionate about.”says John Weimers.

John Weimers has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant business, and 7 years in the restaurant quick-serve franchise business. It’s safe to say he understands what it takes to run a successful business, including the type of investment in a point of sale. He has used many point of sale systems in his lifetime and considered a few companies before deciding on Koomi.

“We looked at other POS solutions, but they all had too many bells and whistles. We didn’t need any complicated fine dining functions, just something really streamlined and simple, which is Koomi. We looked at how Koomi was working for similar businesses, like lunchtime salad joints in the neighborhood, and figured it would be a good fit for us, too.”says John Weimers.

John Weimers also notes that even though his restaurant is a fast-casual eaterie, his customers prefer to sit down and then order, rather than order, pay, and pick up before sitting. He wanted to maintain the fast-casual atmosphere, but also be able to cater to his customers’ preference for ordering tableside. The answer: Koomi Rover.

“The POS on the iPad is easy to move around, as is the cash register, which is the mobility we were looking for. By adding extra rovers, we could also take payments at the table.”

So far, Koomi has proved to be a good fit. For John Weimers, a system with a short learning curve is crucial for training staff, as is flexibility. He explains,

“Koomi is super easy to use and to physically move around. It’s also easy to update menu items when you’re on the fly. You can go in and change things from home if you need to, which is great.”

Ono Pokii is only a few months old, but the ship has been running smoothly thanks to Weimers hyper attention to details.

“I like everything to run as efficiently as possible. The Koomi team is great to work with because they listen to my suggestions about all of the small things they could improve. In this business, there’s always something that can be done better and faster, and it seems that Koomi is working to progress and improve to help restaurants perform at their best.”