Mr Pretzels Canada

How Koomi keeps up with Mr Pretzels’ rapid expansion.

As you stroll along in almost any popular mall in Canada, your mouth just might will begin to water as the smell of warm butter and dough activates your senses. There’s a good chance the source of the enticing smell is a Mr Pretzels® store. The Mr Pretzels company knows a thing or two about getting people hooked on a good snack.
They’re a pioneering chain of pretzel kiosks and stores founded in Puerto Rico over 20 years ago, and there are presently approximately 200 locations in major malls in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Puerto Rico, throughout South America, the Bahamas, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Malta, and Mexico; with more locations in the works.

“The success of the chain could be attributed their formula for fresh pretzels as well as the unique preparation experience.”

“The experience starts with our quick and friendly service. While orders are being prepared, clients can watch the pretzels being freshly made and rolled by hand. When you receive your order and bite into it, you’ll understand why everyone is talking about how great our pretzels are!” explains Rick D’Errico, the Director of Operations.

As the demand continues, so do the number of locations. Mr Pretzels needed a POS that could keep up with the rapid expansion.

“With expansion comes many different challenges such as the logistics of getting our products to each location, setting up suppliers, and of course market research. As we grow quickly, we require a POS system that is able to handle the expansion. We also need a POS company that has the inventory to supply our growth, and Koomi definitely delivers,” says D’Errico.

For over two years, the pretzel chain has been using Koomi in several locations, with a plan to install the system in over 100 outposts by the end of 2018.

For D’Errico, a POS must be able to deliver and keep up with their demand and growth. It must change and adapt as quickly as they do.

“We have multiple menus for multiple locations and switching between them or adding to them is very simple through the Koomi Dashboard,”

he explains. “It’s amazing to be able to login and see sales at any given location – it’s pretty crucial for anyone managing a large chain.

The Mr Pretzels management team reports that the admin panel has been indispensable. The Koomi admin panel for franchises enables multi-location businesses to:

  • Control access and authorizations
  • Set up menus, categories and promotions
  • Have a global view of sales per location and / or group of location such as: 10 top items, breakdown of sales, etc.

As the pretzels gain popularity, it’s no surprise that the kiosks experience rushes throughout the day. Their system of taking orders and preparing the food is super streamlined, and the Koomi POS is part of their successful process.

“We tried three POS solutions before we discovered Koomi. The first one was dated and obsolete, the second was overly complicated, while the third was too basic. When we tried Koomi, we were immediately impressed with its simplicity and the speed. It suited our needs quite admirably and the price point was right,” says D’Errico.

Koomi helps the Mr Pretzels team efficiently take orders and keep lines moving during rushes, which ultimately reduces wait times and increases sales. It has also been easy for staff to learn to use, and in a fast-food industry like theirs, easy-to-learn software
is essential.

“Every company has different needs when it comes to a Point-Of-Sale system, and Koomi suits ours nicely. If a company such as a quickly-expanding fast-service chain had similar needs to ours, I would certainly recommend Koomi to them.”