Grumman 78

Take your show on the road with Koomi POS.

In Montreal, food truck culture is only starting to become as popular as it is in cities like New York and San Francisco. One food truck company, however, was the local trailblazer when its taco truck first hit the road in the fall of 2010: Grumman 78.

Due to the insatiable demand for super tasty tacos, Grumman 78’s prep kitchen expanded to become a large restaurant and event venue. Ever since, both the restaurant and the truck have become highly recognized in the city, and a popular choice for fresh and interesting mexican-inspired dishes.

For the most part, the truck’s biggest challenge is Montreal’s unpredictable weather. Another challenge was how to streamline taking orders, as they used a cash register and pen and paper system for years.

“We looked at a few POS companies so we could make the ordering and prep process faster, but most of them had too many features we didn’t need,” explains owner Gaëlle Cerf. “We needed something simple, SRM compatible, and affordable, so we went with Koomi.”

The Grumman 78 truck has their prep logistics down to a science, which is key for serving large crowds. Having a simple menu is also important, along with saving time with Koomi POS.

“We were pretty fast before, but now with the Koomi point of sale, the orders get to the kitchen immediately – without the delay we had before. Obviously, saving as much time as possible, even seconds, is crucial when you’re dealing with crowds lining up by your truck” says Gaëlle.

Time saved is money saved, and having insights and live-data can save time and costs as well. Koomi’s reporting offers Grumman 78 the insights that the old pen-and-paper system could not provide.

“For sure there’s an enormous difference on the accounting side. It’s nice to be able to login from anywhere and see what our day’s sales are. It helps us make all kinds of time and money-saving decisions. The reporting is intuitive, it’s not like you have to learn a complex system,” says Gaëlle.

While Koomi is the only point of sale that the Grumman 78 truck has tried, a competitive quality that stands out to Gaëlle and the other managers is customer service. “The Koomi team have been great. Not that the system is hard to use, but they address our questions and concerns and seem really keen on making sure everything is working for us. Not all companies are as good at this.”