Épicerie HÀO

How Epicerie Hào is expanding with Koomi by its side.

Epicerie Hào has been praised by Montreal residents and food bloggers for its mouth-watering steamed buns, or baos. Rather than offer an extensive menu, the tiny family-run business focuses on baos as well as a few other specialities – much like you’ll find in Asia. Hào’s owners, sibblings Charles, Rachelle, and William, grew up enjoying the home cooked Southeast-Asian fare, and want to offer it to a slightly bigger audience.

They recently moved into a bigger space next door, which sits more guests compared to their original six-seater location. “In this new space, we want to add to our existing menu, and also incorporate more event-based experiences like workshops and other collaborations with local businesses and artists,” explains founder Rachelle. “As we evolve and expand, Koomi is growing right alongside us, which has been a really good experience.”
Epicerie Hào has been using Koomi POS since they opened more than two years ago.

“My brother heard great things about Koomi from the owner of Crew Cafe and a bunch of other small local businesses. We chose it because it worked on an iPad with minimal equipment, was easy to learn and affordable,” says Rachelle.

The owners check the Koomi dashboard several times a day, no matter where they are. “It gives us a great overview of what’s going on. We compare sales from one day to another and even compare data with last year’s figures. It’s uncomplicated and tells us what we need to know in order to improve,” adds Rachelle.
As a small business, there isn’t much room to make mistakes when it comes to ordering, making menu changes and staffing. The Hào team depends on Koomi’s end-of-day ‘Y’ report to get a detailed performance report so they can keep costs down, sales up, and stay on target.
Recently, they updated to Koomi Pro, which has made their operations even faster.

“Now the orders go directly to the kitchen, which shaves off a few seconds. It might be a small change, but it helps us serve customers more quickly, which is crucial for our fast-casual business,” explains Rachelle.

Rachelle also notes that they enjoy working with a Montreal company that understands restaurant culture, and offer good customer service. “The Koomi people just get it. They’re also growing and progressing as this whole fast-casual trend takes off. Their incremental updates add to our business, and they never add bells and whistles that we don’t need.” “We are definitely in a growth phase, and we find Koomi is really progressive and is a tool that’s growing alongside us”