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5 Reasons why you should offer mobile ordering

More and more millennials are interested in cooking from scratch and exploring more sophisticated or exotic meals compared to their older counterparts. On the other hand, immediate gratification and convenience is also on the rise.  When it comes to the … Read More

4 Ways Automated Ingredient Tracking Can Improve Your Bottom Line

You might be able to identify your most popular menu items, but do you know the profit margin on each of your ingredients? While understanding the sell-through on menu items and their margins is key for keeping costs streamlined, tracking … Read More

Koomi Wins Two Finances Online Directory Awards for POS Software

We’re barely into our second quarter of 2019, and our numerous milestones and developments this year have been overwhelming, to say the least. To add to all the excitement, Koomi was recently recognized by the prestigious FinancesOnline platform with not one but two awards! … Read More

Why Your Restaurant is Losing Money (and what to do about it)

If the profits from your restaurant are moving in the wrong direction (you guessed it, they’re going down, not up) several factors are probably at play. Perhaps some of the reasons your business is losing money are due to factors … Read More

Avoiding the winter slump: what quick-service restaurants can do to stay profitable

If you operate a restaurant at a popular ski resort, early winter might be your peak season. For the rest of North America, however, January and February are known as “slump” months for many businesses. Consumers typically spend less after … Read More

Five Restaurant Trends to Watch in 2019

In one of the most fickle industries, keeping up with the latest restaurant trends without losing your own identity is key to survival. Fortunately for cafes and fast-casual businesses, the quick-serve model is outpacing more traditional sit-down restaurants.  Current trends also include … Read More

5 Reasons To Use Koomi’s Punch Clock Feature

How do you keep track of your employees? If you’re still using an outdated time clock, or worse, a ledger where you write in start and end times, you could be wasting valuable time and money. Using an automated time … Read More

How to save money with a better staffing strategy

What’s worse? Not having enough employees during a rush, or having too much personnel standing around with nothing to do? The truth is, both scenarios cost restaurants too much money for obvious reasons. Keeping track of employees seems straightforward, but … Read More

How to save time (and money) in the food truck business

It’s a cliche, but “time is money” continues to hold true in almost every business, especially for quick-serve eateries. How efficiently you use your time directly correlates with how much money you will make, and the food truck business is … Read More

Multi-location Restaurants Need A POS That Can Do These 5 Things

If you want your franchise to be successful and continue to grow, it is almost necessary to have a point-of-sale system installed. A POS system drastically improves the efficiency of your operation by managing data and decreasing human error. While … Read More